Richard was playing the guitar at eight years of age and continued his lessons right through to leaving school at 16. A proficient Indie, Rock and Classical player this led him to working at a well known music instrument retailer at the weekends whilst studying Music Technology and I.T at college. When David walked in that fateful day to browse the synth section things would never be the same again! They quickly became friends and Richards’ computer expertise helped David move from his trusty Atari ST and enter the world of PCs.

Their collaboration was formed and resulted in the production of dance music. An avid listener of House and Trance, his own producing however never made the leap beyond Rock. David brought a synth round and the rest is, as they say, history.

Richard decided to continue living off the taxpayers and enrolled at Sheffield Hallam University to become an I.T professional. Well who else built and maintains this website? – It ain’t me, says David!

With his knowledge of the computer world, things rarely trouble Richard in the studio. Even when all hell breaks loose and the blue screen of death appears, Richard keeps the sequencer working, the beats moving and the Last Trancient tunes flowing.