The long awaited single from Beatkeeperz has finally landed and what a corker it is. With a timeless feel, Beatkeeperz have managed to blend together synth and piano in perfect harmony. The fantastic Narice is back on vocal duties and delivers an understated punch right where it counts… on the dancefloor.

They’ve just been signed to brand new dance label ‘Worx’ and this single will be their first release with them. They’re working with the label to release their previous material, so after their highly succesful run of vinyl we may finally see an mp3 release of ‘What I Want’ through Worx in the not too distant future. Watch this space and feel free to Contact Us with any questions.


Take Control


Synth and piano blend effortlessly to create a quality slice of house. An old skool vibe with a modern edge, and the always excellent Narice on vocal duties.